Sunday, October 22, 2017

(Finished October 22nd, 2017) The Best Songs From "Come From Away":


The second best musical of the last couple of years is "Come From Away", it's second only to the amazing "Hamilton". I'm so hoping to see "Hamilton" this Spring. These are the best songs of "Come From Away":

"Welcome To The Rock":

"38 Planes":

"28 Hours/ Wherever We Are":

"Darkness and Trees":

"Costume Party":

"I Am Here":

"On The Edge":

"Heave Away/Screech In":

"Me and the Sky":

"Stop The World":

"Somewhere In The Middle Of Nowhere":

"Something's Missing":



Saturday, October 21, 2017

(Started October 21st, 2017) The Magic of Mutt, Part 3: Highlights of Albums Produced by Mutt Lange


So just what does an audio engineer do? This answer is from

An audio engineer works with the technical aspects of sound during the processes of recording, mixing, and reproduction. Audio engineers often assist record producers and musicians to help give their work the sound they are hoping to achieve.
A producer has many roles during the recording process.[2] The roles of a producer vary. They may gather musical ideas for the project, collaborate with the artists to select cover tunes or original songs by the artist/group, work with artists and help them to improve their songs, lyrics or arrangements. (Thanks to Wikipedia.)

Bon Scott's last record with the band before his way too early death. 
AC/DC "Highway To Hell"(1979):
"Highway To Hell":

"Girls Got Rhythm":

"Walk All Over You":

Brian Johnson's first record with the band, the start of a 36 career with them. 
AC/DC "Back In Black" (1980):
"Hells Bells":

"Shoot To Thrill":

"You Shook Me All Night Long":

Foreigner "4" (1981):
"Juke Box Hero":


"Def Leppard "High 'n' Dry" (1981):
"Bringin' On The Heartbreak":
"Let It Go (Saturday Night)":

AC/DC "For Those About To Rock" (1981):
"For Those About To Rock (We Salute You):
"Put The Finger On You":

Def Leppard "Pyromania" (1983):

The Cars "Heartbeat City" (1984):
"Hello Again":
"You Might Think"

Def Leppard "Hysteria" (1987):
"Pour Some Sugar On Me":

Billy Ocean "Tear Down These Walls" (1989):
"Tear Down These Walls":
"The Colour of Love":
"Get Outta My Dreams (Get Into My Car)":

Bryan Adams "Waking Up The Neighbors" (1991):
"Can't Stop This Thing We Started":
"Everything I Do (I Do For You):
"Thought I'd Died and Gone To Heaven":


Friday, October 20, 2017

(Finished October 21st, 2017) The Magic of Mutt, Part 2: Songs Written, Co-Written Or Engineered by Mutt Lange


So when Mutt and Shania were married did they call her Mrs. Mutt? Yeah, I didn't think so. I've listened to Miss Twain's new CD, it's not quite as good as the work she did with Lange.

Shania Twain:
"Man, I Feel Like A Woman":

"I'm Holdin' On To Love (To Save My Life)":

I know, I don't remember this band either, but they have a couple of Mutt tinged quality songs. 
Romeo's Daughter:
"Heaven In The Back Seat":

"I Cry Myself To Sleep at Night":

If you're a Heart fan, this song should sound familiar "Wild Child":

Celine Dion "If Walls Could Talk":

Starship "I Didn't Mean To Stay All Night":

From Muse's "Drones":



Zender Bleck "Bring It On":

From Maroon 5's "Hands All Over":
"Give A Little More":

"Don't Know Nothing":


(Started October 20th, 2017) themusicaddict's Preview of Huey Lewis and The News October 19th, 2017


"Today is October 19th, 2017, let's make this a night to remember" so said Huey Lewis and so we did.

But first let's get to the opener Jamie Kent, he and his two able band mates, Rhees Williams and Dan Holmes. I didn't write down the setlist, so this is from memory. I can't guarantee the order is correct.

"Broke, Not Broken":

"Look Up":


"Sheila" (featuring Huey Lewis):

"All-American Mutt":

This song was one of the many highlights of the night. "Diamond":

Yes, the Britney Spears song. I like the Jamie Kent version better. "Baby, One More Time":

Jamie Kent mixed a combination of humility, humor, skill and self-deprecation for a 7 or 8 song set. With this combination, he gained many new fans. That includes myself. His percussionist and upright bass cohorts were also able musicians and provided great harmonies. Kent and his band mates are currently touring behind the near year old album "All-American Mutt". While not known very well, Jamie Kent is definitely one to keep an eye on.

After a brief break, Huey Lewis and the News took the stage with the thumping sound of a beating heart going on. And indeed the heart of rock and roll was still beating.... in Salt Lake. Again I didn't write down the setlist so this is from my faulty memory. He mixed in the classics and what he calls new songs- but new songs that don't seem to be available anywhere. 

He was very personable and a great front man. He still sounds great and looks much like he did years ago, a couple of months ago he turned 67. That's hard to believe with how spry he was on the stage and he still has a fantastic voice. One can tell that this band put in a lot of work to get where they are now. They are a tight ensemble and they haven't skimped on the musicians. Besides Huey, there are 8 other musicians. There are three horn players, guitarist, keyboards, drums one of the musicians does double duty and Huey is a hell of a harmonica player. I hadn't realized how much the harmonica was used in their music until last night's concert.

While watching them last night I couldn't help but thinking, just how many times have they performed these songs?

Many time when I go to see a legacy (aka old) band I always worry how they'll sound. Does the singer still have his voice, can the band still play, do they still have passion and will I get my money's worth. My honest answer to all four of those questions is yes. I've included a few videos that come kinda close to capturing their music live. However times that by 10 if you catch them live. They really are fantastic and well oiled machine. I came home from that concert on a rock and roll high. I would encourage anyone who love their music to check them out, both they and Jaime Kent made it a night to remember. 

1) "The Heart of Rock and Roll":

"If This It":
"It's Alright":
"Her Love Is Killing Me":

"Remind Me Again Why I Love You":
This captures the charisma and sense-of-humor of Huey. "While We're Young":

"Hip To Be Square":
"Let's go back to the future", "Back In Time":
"I Want A New Drug":
"Jacob's Ladder":
"We're Not Here For A Long Time":
"Heart and Soul":


"We know why you're here." and "If we only knew when we wrote this song and it went to #1 that we would have to play it every day for the next 30 years..." and the band rocked into "The Power Of Love":
A reworked version of "Do You Believe In Love":
Of course I've heard this song, but it took on a new life for me last night. Huey pulled out his harmonica and played it with a vengeance providing a solid backbone to this song. "Workin' For A Living":


Thursday, October 19, 2017

(Finished October 20th, 2017) The Magic of Mutt, Part 1: Songs Written, Co-Written Or Engineered by Mutt Lange


This blog is about Robert John "Mutt" Lange. It's inspired by a sentence from the first issue of Planet Rock magazine. (To answer your question, no there can't be too many rock magazines.) This sentence comes from a story about the 30th anniversary of "Pyromania": "He'd (Lange) been working virtually non-stop since 1978 on a succession of hit albums, including AC/DC's "Highway To Hell" and "Back In Black", Foreigner's "4", the first two Def Leppard CDs and most recently The Cars "Heartbeat City". (Thanks to Planet Rock magazine!)

Along with those bands Lange has also worked with Bryan Adams, The Coors, Billy Ocean, Romeo's Daughter, Lady Gaga, Loverboy, Heart, Muse and Maroon Five. He's obviously known for the CDs he helped create that are listed in the top paragraph. The other thing he's known for is helping write the songs and producing the music of Shania Twain. He then later married Miss Twain, one of the most beautiful women that has ever graced the world.

Was everyone that Lange worked with great? These are some of the other bands that Lange worked with include such who the hell are you bands as Clover, City Boy, Supercharge, Mallard, The Rumor, Broken Home, Tycoon and for some reason he worked with Michael Bolton.

This blog will be broken into two parts. Part 1 are songs written, co-written or engineered by Lange. Part 2 I'll be focusing more on the albums that he served as engineer on. Let's get on with the blog. These are some, but not all, of the songs that Lange has worked on through the years. (Thanks to Wikipedia for doing a lot of the legwork for this blog and I'm sure dozens like it.)

Def Leppard:

"Armageddon It":

"Run Riot":


Heart "Will You Be There In The Morning":

I'm seeing this band tonight in concert for my first time. Excited!! Huey Lewis and the News "Do You Believe In Love":

Huey Lewis and the News "It Hit Me Like A Hammer":

Loverboy "Lovin' Every Minute of It:

Bryan Adams "Please Forgive Me":

Lady Gaga "You and I":

The Coors "Breathless":


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

(Started October 17th, 2017) 1977: The Best Songs of All Genres J-L


The Steve Miller Band "Jet Airliner":

The Steve Miller Band "Jungle Love":

Bob Marley and the Wailers "Jamming":

Andy Gibb "I Just Want To Be Your Everything":

Billy Joel "Just The Way You Are":

Crosby, Stills and Nash "Just A Song Before I Go":

Great song, great band and great reason why lip synching is so dumb. Abba "Knowing Me Knowing You":

AC/DC "Let There Be Rock":

Barbra Striesand "The Love Theme of A Star Is Born" "Evergreen":

"Looks Like We Made It":

Kenny Rogers "Lucille":

"Lido Shuffle":

The Bee Gees "Love So Right":

Monday, October 16, 2017

(Finished October 16th, 2017) The Rest of The Best of Lindsey Stirling


If I duplicate a few from the previous two blogs I apologize. But sometimes I just want to add one of Miss Stirling's many great songs to my blog, duplicate or not. That's why you may see "Roundtable Rival" again.

And to answer your question: No, I don't love every Lindsey Stirling song, just most of them. I love her talent, her musicianship, her dancing, her great attitude, her look and her natural attractiveness. I just wish I had discovered her and her prodigious talent earlier.

Here's her full self-titled CD:


"A Thousand Years" (featuring Aimee Proal):

"The Phoenix":

"Where Do We Go":

"Those Days":

"Don't Let This Feeling Fade":

"First Light":



"Spontaneous Me":

"Moon Trance":

"Master of Tides":

I like this version of "Master of Tides" better:

"Take Flight":


"Dragon Age":

"Roundtable Rival":

"Forgotten City":