Tuesday, January 16, 2018

(Started January 16th, 2018) themusicaddict's Top 106 Greatest 80's Era Band #22 Blondie Part 2: #33-#21


For now I'll be bypassing my #23 Greatest 80's era band of all-time, Pink Floyd. I've listened to all the music for Blondie and haven't yet done so for The Floyd. I know many of you are saying I'm crazy for having Blondie over Pink Floyd. Well while Pink Floyd is the much more influential and monumental band, growing up my favorite band was Blondie. I love the early 80's Blondie and my favorite song at the time was "Heart of Glass". That's a song that sounds as good and crisp as when I first heard it almost 40 years ago. Damn I'm old.

This covers the CDs from 1978's "Plastic Letters" to 1982's not very good "The Hunter". Blondie didn't release their next CD until 1999's "No Exit". The band has sold about 40 million CDs in it's career and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006. I have 83 Blondie songs on my iTunes.

31) "Orchid Club":

30) "Danceaway":

29) "11:59":

28) "Fade Away and Radiate":

27) "Slow Motion":

26) "Love At The Pier":

25) "War Child":

24) "I Know But I Don't Know":


Monday, January 15, 2018

(Finished January 16th, 2018) Seriously Another Great Musician Dies? Dolores O'Riordan Dead at 46


Seriously not another great musician gone too soon. I loved the Cranberries back in their heyday, but I've continued to love them since then. The Cranberries had a solid 3 CD run from 1993's "Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?" to 1994's "No Need To Argue" (the couch CD) and 1996's "To The Faithful Departed".

Current members
  • Noel Hogan - lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1989–2003, 2009–present)
  • Mike Hogan - bass, backing vocals (1989–2003, 2009–present)
  • Fergal Lawler - drums (1989–2003, 2009–present)
Former members
  • Niall Quinn - lead vocals, rhythm and lead guitar (1989–1990)
  • Dolores O'Riordan - lead vocals, rhythm and lead guitar, keyboards (1990–2003, 2009–2018) (died 2018)
Touring musicians
  • Russell Burton – keyboards (1996–2003, 2012), rhythm guitar (2012)
  • Steve DeMarchi – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1996–2003)
  • Denny DeMarchi – keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2009––2011)
  • Johanna Cranitch – backing vocals (2012)


"Forever Yellow Skies":



"The Daffodil Lament":

"Animal Instinct":



"The Icicle Melts":

"I Still Do":

"I Can't Be With You":


"Ode To My Family":

This is one of my favorite songs of theirs. "Linger":

"Ridiculous Thoughts":

"Free To Decide":



Let go of her hand Dave!! "I Just Shot John Lennon":


Sunday, January 14, 2018

(Finished January 15th, 2018) The Great Sloppy Garage Rock of The Remains


I was in my favorite local record store, Graywhale, the other day and I heard this great band. They're name is The Remains, aka Barry and the Remains. They're a band that had their heyday in the mid 60s. However just a couple of days ago their Live 1969 set was reissued and that was the CD playing at Graywhale when I was there. This CD is a couple of originals, but mostly covers of some great songs. The Remains take these songs and make them their own. Obviously they're quite old now, but they still rock.

Now I'm not saying this is the greatest band ever or even one of the best bands of the 60s. But I keep on hearing throwback music being played, maybe it finally is the right time for The Remains.

This is the remains of The Remains.

An intro to The Remains:

"Why Do I Lie":

"Don't Look Back":

"Diddy Wah Diddy":

The Kinks "All Day and All Of The Night":

"Route 66":

"Like A Rolling Stone":

The Muddy Waters classic covered: "She's Nineteen Years Old":

This is a much sloppier version of the original: The McCoys is the band that first released this song. "Hang On Sloopy":

"Ain't That Her":

"Say You're Sorry":

"Mercy Mercy":

A cover of the Little Walter classic "My Babe":

"I'm Talking About You":

"When I Want To Know":

"All Good Things":

"Johnny B. Goode":

"I Believe In You":


(Started January 14th, 2018) The Best Songs and CDs of 1987, Part 3: The Cult to Terence Trent D'arby


The Cult "Electric":

"Electric Ocean":

"Peace Dog":

"Aphrodisiac Jacket":

The Cure "Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me":
"Just Like Heaven":

"Why Can't I Be You":
"Hot Hot Hot":

File under someone that seems he should have been a much bigger artist.
Terence Trent D'Arby is now known as Sananda Maitreya:
"Introducing The Hardline According to Terence Trent D'Arby :
"Sign Your Name":
"Wishing Well":
"Dance Little Sister":
"If You Let Me Stay":

Thursday, January 11, 2018

(Finished January 9th, 2018) themusicaddict's Top 106 Greatest 80's Era Band #24 Ronnie James Dio Part 5: #10-#1


10) "Breathless":

9) "Mystery":

8) "We Rock":

While all these songs are good, sadly Dio had some pretty lame videos. 7) "Rainbow In The Dark":

6) "Eat Your Heart Out":

5) "Sunset Superman":

4) "Holy Diver":

3) "One Night In The City":

2) "Hungry For Heaven":

With the way this world is going, the nuclear threat with North Korea, climate change (and not for the better), and a crazy president. I truly do believe Ronnie was right and we are the last in line. So we might as well enjoy some great rock music.

1) "The Last In Line":


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

(Finished January 10th, 2018) The Best Songs and CDs of 1987, Part 2: Aerosmith to Carlisle


The only order these songs are in is alphabetical.

Aerosmith "Permanent Vacation":
"Heart's Done Time":

"St. John":

"Girl Keeps Coming Apart":

Although I like several Aerosmith songs, I don't really like Aerosmith. Why? It's because I think that Steven Tyler is a pretentious douchebag. I just wish I could be as cool as he thinks he is. "I'm Down":

David Bowie "Never Let Me Down", the title track:

"Bang Bang":

"Time Will Crawl":

"Day In Day Out":

One of the most joyous songs ever. Belinda Carlisle "Heaven Is A Place On Earth":

"Circle In The Sand":

"I Get Weak":

"I Feel Free":


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

(Finished January 9th, 2018) The Best Songs and CDs of 1987, Part 1


This blog was inspired by the Summer issue of Classic Rock magazine. Thirty years ago some of the greatest CDs were ever released. There was also some great songs that were released that weren't necessarily part of a great album. I looked through lists of some of the greatest country, rock and pop of 1987.

I've been thinking about this blog the last day or so and have spent some time thinking about it. And I'm a bit excited about it. This blog series will probably be a few blogs over the next few weeks, but I still intend on counting down the greatest 80's era musicians. I still have to finish the Dio blog and then it will be time to do the Blondie countdown blogs as I get closer and closer to #1.

The songs of 1987 have been covered hundreds of time, this I know. When I'm writing about these songs and CDs I intend on focusing on the more obscure songs. But of course there are some classics that I love so much that I'll be adding a few of those as well. I'll be going in a alphabetical order. As I said I looked through the greatest country CDs of 1987 and honestly I wasn't that impressed with any of them, but there were some great country songs from 1987. Here are a few...

Reba McEntire is a great singer and someone that knows how to pick a great song. My only complaint about Reba is she picks some very depressing songs. Even her happier songs aren't all that happy, such as these next two songs. "One Promise Too Late":

Reba McEntire "Last One To Know":

Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard "Pancho and Lefty":

Alabama "Tar Top":

Dwight Yoakam "Little Sister":

Randy Travis "Forever and Ever, Amen":

Ricky Van Shelton "Somebody Lied":

Restless Heart "Why Does It Have To Be Wrong Or Right":

"Fishin' In The Dark":

"Baby's Got A Hold On Me":

The band led by Natalie Merchant and her highly enchanting voice, what an amazing singer. From 10,000 Maniacs "In My Tribe":

"What's The Matter Here":

"Like The Weather":

"Don't Talk":

"City of Angels":