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themusicaddict's Review of Prince's "Purple Rain" (Very Rough Draft June 23rd, 2017)




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themusicaddict's Top 106 Greatest 80's Bands Addendum, Fleetwood Mac: Their Best 80's Era Songs Part 3: #19-#11 (Completed June 21th, 2017)


19) "Gold Dust Woman":

18) "Family Man":

17) "Tusk":

16 ) "Save Me":

15 ) "I Don't Want To Know":

14 ) "Seven Wonders":

13) "Go Your Own Way":

12) "Big Love":

11) "Second Hand News":


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themusicaddict's Review of Styx's "The Mission" (Finished June 20th, 2017)


Did you know that Styx had a new CD? Did you know that Styx was even together any more? To be honest it's not really Styx any more, it's more like the Tommy Shaws. This is Styx's first new CD since 2003. Styx released a new CD in 2005, but "Big Bang Theory" is a covers CD. Styx's last new CD was 2003's excellent "Cyclorama". Then in the 20 years preceding that, Styx only released two new CDs.

  • Chuck Panozzo – bass, backing vocals (1972-1984, 1990-1992, 1995-present)
  • James "J.Y." Young – guitar, backing and lead vocals (1972-1984, 1990-1992, 1995-present)
  • Tommy Shaw – guitar, lead and backing vocals (1975-1984, 1995–present)
  • Todd Sucherman – drums (1995–present)
  • Lawrence Gowan – lead and backing vocals, keyboards (1999–present)
  • Ricky Phillips – bass, backing vocals, guitar (2003–present)

With the three longest current members of Styx being in their early or late 60's, why would Styx even bother to make a new CD? I don't know the answer to that question, but Styx did make a new CD. It's a concept album about a mission to Mars, which honestly brings us back to the 70s. That's when the concept CD seemed to be all the rage. The loose structure of a story is written by Shaw and Will Ekanovich. Ekanovich's name is all over this CD, besides helping with the story he also plays some of the instruments, helped write the songs and is also both the producer and engineer.

Of course a mission to Mars in pop culture is nothing new. It's an idea that has intrigued mankind for the last several decades and maybe even longer. Recently we had the Matt Damon movie, "The Martian", also "Mars Invades" and "John Carter". There's also the National Geographic TV series about a mission to mars, simply titled "Mars". It might be one of the most popular pop culture space stories.

All that leads to the question is the CD any good or not? Does this CD rawk? But my question is why would you think it would be good? Surely the members of Styx are rich enough now, is it even worth going through the effort of creating new music? And does this whole concept remind anyone else of Boston's "Third Stage"? I hope I answered those questions, and others, as I completed this blog.

Here's "The Mission" in full:

1) "Overture":
2) "Gone Gone Gone":

 "Got to get my message to you". 3) "Hundred Million Miles Away From Home":

4) "Trouble At Big Show":
5) "Locomotive":
6) "Radio Silence":

7) "The Greater Good":
8) "Time May Bend":
9) "Ten Thousand Ways":
10) "Red Storm":
11) "All Systems Stable":
12) "Khedive":
13) "The Outpost"
14) "Mission To Mars":

The three best songs are "Gone Gone Gone", "Hundred Million Miles Away From Home" and Radio Silence". The "Overture" sets the stage then the CD launches behind the power of "Gone Gone Gone" and "Hundred Million Miles Away From Home". Unfortunately that one two punch is diminished by the weakness of "Trouble At The Big Show" and the non-locomotive "Locomotive". It should have been titled "Slow Train".  Trying to rebuild the CD's momentum the next song is "Radio Silence". It's a very good song, although I don't know that it reaches the level of great. For the most part the rest of the CD is mid-tempo and not very memorable songs. The last two songs of the CD are both solid, "Outpost" and "Mission To Mars". It starts out well and ends well, but the middle could have used some punching up.

It's doubtful Styx ever reaches their 70's and 80's stardom ever again, who knows if that's a priority for them any more? While this is a decent CD, I doubt they'll ever make another classic CD. No more "Paradise Theatre", "Kilroy Was Here" or even their late career classic "Cyclorama".  But as a late career CD, there's no shame in "The Mission". It's an up and down CD, but that's to be expected this late in their career. I'm just glad they can infuse new songs into their setlist. I saw Styx in concert a couple of years ago and the majority of their songs were 40 years old. Even these amazing songs can get tiresome after awhile, even tried and true set lists need a infusion of new blood. 

Who should buy this CD, die hard fans, people looking for inexpensive nostalgia and those looking for new work from a classic band. I'm glad that Styx took a chance on "The Mission". Although it wasn't entirely successful, there are still some enjoyable moments. So yes it was worth it to create new music. Does the CD rawk, sorta. I really want to give this song a better grade, but after being honest with myself I can't give it a better score than a 6.


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themusicaddict's Top 106 Greatest 80's Bands Addendum, Fleetwood Mac: Their Best 80's Era Songs Part 2: #26-#20 (Finished June 18th, 2017)


26 ) "Stand On The Rock":

25) "Skies The Limit":

24) "Love Is Dangerous":

23 ) "You and I, Pt. 2":

22 ) "Tango In The Night":

21 ) "Think About Me":

20) "Love In Store":


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themusicaddict's Review of Papa Roach's "Crooked Teeth" (Deluxe Edition)


This is my review of Papa Roach's "Crooked Teeth (Deluxe Edition)". Along with the 13 new songs, there's also a recorded concert from Detroit.

This CD starts off with a solid 1 2 punch of "Break The Fall" and even more potent title track. Papa Roach keeps the foot on the gas with the f-bomb spewing "My Medication", which is followed by another firebomb "Born For Greatness". This is a great song with a bit of a poppier feel.  It's followed by the solid "American Dream" and "Periscope". "Periscope" is strengthened by the vocals of Skylar Grey. Three more highlights are up next "Help", "Sunrise Trailer Park" and "Traumatic". "Sunrise Trailer Park" is the best song on the CD, although it incorporates too much Hollywood Undead. I realize that Papa Roach came first and maybe Hollywood Undead originally incorporated from Papa Roach. The number in parenthesis is the songs' ranking from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best. The three best songs are "Sunrise Trailer Park", "Traumatic" and "None of The Above".  The album then closes out with three more good/great songs "Ricochet", "Nothing" and "Bleeding Through".

1) "Break The Fall"(6.0):
2) "Crooked Teeth" (7.0):
3) "My Medication" (8.0):
4) "Born For Greatness" (great song) (9.0):
5) "American Dreams" (8.0):
6) "Periscope (feat. Skylar Grey)" (8.0):
7) "Help" (9.0):
8) "Sunrise Trailer Park (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)" (10.0):
9) "Traumatic" (9.5):
10) "None of The Above" (10.0):
11) "Ricochet" (9.0):
12) "Nothing" (9.0):
13) "Bleeding Through" (8.5):

Honestly I wasn't expecting much from this CD, but this is a lot better than I expected. I would like to see them if they come to Salt Lake on concert. After a slow start, "Teeth" picks up speed with the third song "My Medication". The next several songs are firebombs highlighted by the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth songs. The CD was released on May 19th, but has yet to make cultural impact. But that's to be expected with more rock oriented music (or as Google Play labels it Alt Metal- what the hell does that even mean?). But for those rock music fans that discover this CD will be very pleased. It's nowhere near the top of pile of all-time rock releases. But in the year of 2017, in the midst of pop and hip hop music dominance, this is a very solid CD. It will fit in with a rocker's music library very well.

Overall I would give "Crooked Teeth" a solid 8. The live CD is good also, I would give it a 7. I wish more of Jacoby's talk was edited out. Talking with the audience works great live, but it loses most of it's appeal on CD. That's especially after repeated listenings. Also telling the crowd to repeatedly "jump" is also a non-starter. The highlights of the CD include "Getting Away With Murder", "Between Angels and Insects" and the always angry masterpiece "Last Resort". 


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Review of Jack Wright: The Songs and Stories of Neil Diamond At Layton High School June 12th, 2017


This is my review of the Jack Wright concert, a Neil Diamond tribute act, at Layton High School in Utah. The concert was originally scheduled to be at the Ed Kenley Amphitheater. It had to be moved due to weather, the concert wasn't affected negatively in anyway. Recently I posted 17 of Diamond's best songs, Wright performed all those songs except for "Longfellow Serenade". Wright also played 4 songs that I didn't post in that original blog. Those four videos are below as well as some songs that I wanted to hear again.

Anyway Wright and his band put on a lively show. Not only that but Wright told some stories about Diamond. His band obviously isn't as big as Diamond's band, but still five other musicians by himself. Wright kinda looks like Diamond and sounds a lot like him. For instance the song he hated, "Song Sung Blue", which he said was a verse after a verse after a verse after verse. Wright said that Diamond's loathing of this song led to him splitting from his then label. He said his song about being homesick, "I Am...I Said", was his favorite song.

1) "Cherry, Cherry" and Band Introductions
Probably my favorite Diamond song. 2) "Forever In Blue Jeans":
3) "Solitary Man":
Wright said this is Diamond's most "sexy" song. 4) "Play Me":
5) "Song Sung Blue":
6) "Love On The Rocks":
A song he wrote and sold to the Monkees and was a big time hit for them. This is Diamond's version. This song was one of the highlights of the night. 7) "I'm A Believer":

8) "If You Know What I Mean":
9) "Cracklin' Rosie":

10) "I Am...I Said":

Fifteen Minute Break

11) "Crunchy Granola Suite":

12) "Kentucky Woman":

13) "September Morn":
Featuring Wright's "Reggae Rap"14) "Red Red Wine":

15) "Hello Again":
16) "Holly Holy":
17) "Shilo":

18) "Sweet Caroline":
19) "Sooliman":
20) "Heartlight":
He closed his concert with a spirited rendition of 21) "America":

and as the band walked out of the auditorium they played a reprise of "Sweet Caroline".

If you get a chance go see Jack Wright and his band, they put on a very good show. Also the tickets are very affordable, you can't go wrong with 21 Neil Diamond classics.


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themusicaddict's Top 106 Greatest 80's Bands Addendum, Fleetwood Mac: Their Best 80's Era Songs Part 1: #36-#27 (Finished June 18th, 2017)


Both Fleetwood Mac and myself were born 50 years ago this year. Although technically Fleetwood Mac doesn't turn 50 until July, 2017. Fleetwood Mac has sold over 100 million CDs and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.

This is another band that should have made my Top 80's Era bands of all-time. But again they are one of those bands that I mostly considered a 70's band. When I get done with this blog series, I'm going to go back and rerank all these bands and I'm guessing Fleetwood Mac will be in the Top 50. But the 80's era covers from 1977 to 1993. For Fleetwood Mac that was huge as that means their classic 1977 CD is included, "Rumors". It's one of the best CDs of all-time and it's the ultimate divorce/ break up CD. It's a CD that I've specifically written about previously. Every time I listen to it I remember just how great of a CD it is. This blog comprises from 1977 "Rumors" to 1990's "Behind The Mask" plus 5 singles that were released in that time frame.

When most people think of Fleetwood Mac, this is the members they most think of. Many of the main members have stepped away from the band only to come back. The band even completely broke up from 1995 to 1997, although they continued to work together individually.

Although those are the main and longest serving members of the band, there have been some other notable members. Peter Green was one of the man people behind the start of the band, he was in the band from the beginning to 1971. Also Jeremy Spencer was in the band the same timeframe. Bob Brunning was also at the beginning, but he was mainly a placeholder until John McVie joined. When Lindsey Buckingham left the band before the making of "Behind The Mask", Billy Burnette and Rick Vito joined the Mac to help make that record. Buckingham does receive a credit on "Mask", as he played the acoustic guitar on the title track. 

Most of the members have released solo music as well, of course Miss Nicks has been the most successful of all the solo acts. She is my 69th Greatest 80's Musician of All-Time. However Lindsey Buckingham had one of the quirkier pop hits ever in "Go Insane". 

Although the band hasn't released new music since 2003's "Say You Will", the band continues to tour. On June 9th Buckingham and Christine McVie released the wordy titled "Lindsey Buckingham/ Christine McVie". It was suppose to be a Fleetwood Mac CD, but those two went ahead and released it due to Nicks' focus on her solo career. Miss Nicks recently stopped here in Salt Lake on her current tour. (Thanks to for the biographical info.)

36) "As Long As You Follow":

35) "Never Going Back Again":

34) "Love Shines":

33) "When It Comes To Love":

32) "Paper Doll":

31) "Eyes of The World":

30) "Caroline":

29) "Sisters of the Moon":

I like all the singers of Fleetwood Mac, but Stevie Nicks has one of the most amazing voices of all-time. 28) "Freedom":

27) "Not That Funny":