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(Finished October 10th, 2019) A Suggested Soundtrack for "Daisy Jones and The Six", Part 1 (Spoiler Alert)


This is from Wikipedia:
Daisy Jones & The Six is an upcoming American web TV series based on the book[1] of the same name written by Taylor Jenkins Reid. The miniseries is set to consist of thirteen episodes and will air on Amazon Video. While the story is presented in a documentary style, including background interviews with the band, this is a fictional story that captures the essence of creativity in the erratic, wild world of the 1970s. Daisy Jones & The Six follows "a rock band in the 1970s from their rise in the LA music scene to becoming one of the most legendary bands in the world and explores the reason behind their split at the height of their success."
I finished reading "Daisy Jones and The Six" today and it was pretty good.  It has a very bittersweet ending that I absolutely loved. The ending feels predictable, but I still didn't see it coming. The story feels very plausible, although I don't quite buy the band just completely stopping at their peak. I can see members leaving on their own, but not the whole band dissolving. I'd give the book a solid B and I look forward to the television show when it comes to amazon.com. I think how good the show will be depends on who they get to play Daisy. It will have to be a relatively young, gorgeous red head that can sing like a queen. And I know it was the 70s, but I wished that Daisy hadn't been such a drug fiend. Although that's very much part of the rock scene it still feels like a cliche.
These are songs that I could see being on a soundtrack- not that any of these songs will ever be on the soundtrack. However these are songs that I think would fit into the 70's vibe inhabited by the fictional members of Daisy Jones and the Six. I'm anxious to see who they get to play Daisy, I bet it will be someone who is lesser known or not known at all.
I heard this song on the radio yesterday and yes this could work as a duet between Daisy and Billy. 1) Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper "Shallow".
2) Lady Gaga "I'll Never Love Again":
3) Boz Scaggs "Miss Sun":
4) Boz Scaggs "Look What You've Done To Me":

Daisy can relate with this song. "I've started off my teenage years with poison in my mouth." 
5) Soul Asylum "Summer of Drugs":
6) Soul Asylum "Sun Maid":
7) The Wild Feathers "Quittin' Time":
This may be a bit of an oddball. And if Daisy Jones and the Six had recorded a video for this song it would look much different. 8) Damn Yankees "High Enough":
This might be a bit too rawk for Daisy and Billy, but I still have confidence they could pull it off. They definitely would have better chemistry than Meat Loaf and Patti. 9) Meat Loaf featuring Patti Russo "Dead Ringer For Love":
I really get a Neko Case vibe about red headed chanteuse Daisy. 10) The New Pornographers "Myriad Harbour":
Too bad she's not younger, Neko would be a great fit to play Daisy. 11) Neko Case "Hold On Hold On":
This song would fit perfectly in with Daisy's attitude and I don't really see her as a "Stand By Your Man" song. 12) Lynn Anderson "Rose Garden":

13) Bobby Gentry "Ode To Billy Joe":

14) Tin Soldier":
15) Vance Joy "Rip Tide":
Trying to find a rough voice vocal for Daisy like "Regret Me",  the rawest voiced song I could think of is 16) Janis Joplin's "Cry Baby":

More duets:
The awkward body language really feels like a Billy and Daisy duet when they weren't getting along. There's a lot of hate but there's a lot of attraction. R.I.P. Sonny 17) Sonny and Cher "I Got You Babe":

Well this might be one of the most awkward performances I've ever seen, this is the opposite of Daisy and Billy. 18) Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. "You Don't Have To Be A Star":
19) Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around":

20) I'm sure this song is nothing like Daisy and Billy's "Honeycomb", but at least it shares the title. Jimmie Rodgers:

I could see Daisy Jones and The Six, a mellow band, killing on this song.
21) The Carpenters "Superstar":


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